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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer services in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Infertility Care, Neo-Natal Care, General Medical Practice, Child Health, Surgery, Adult & Neonatal Intensive Care, Opthamology, Cardiology, Urology, Dietetics, Laboratory Tests & Ultrasonography. We also run Pre-employment Tests, Executive Medical Scheme, Annual Physical Examination and offer HMO Services.

Yes we do ECG testing at Omole.

Antenatal days are all weekdays except Tuesdays for Omole and all weekdays except Thursdays for Adeniyi Jones.

Delivery cost depends on the treatment or procedures required. It will also cover procedures, accommodation, drugs and other exigencies that are peculiar to every delivery.

We administer vaccines for children between 8am and 12 noon every Saturday except the last Saturday of the month at our Adeniyi Jones center, same applies to our Omole office but the time is 9am to 1pm.

Thank you for your interest, vacancy will be advertised if any.

Consultant Schedule

Pediatrician: Monday & Thursday | 9am-3pm

Gynecologist: Monday – Friday | 9am-4pm

Surgeon: Monday & Thursday | 9am-4pm

Family Physician: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday | 9am-4pm

Sonologist: Monday & Thur day | 9am-4pm

Pediatrician: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday |  9am – 3pm

Gynecologist: Monday – Friday, Saturday & Sunday | 9am – 4pm, 11am – 3pm

Surgeon: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday | 9am – 4pm

Family Physician: Monday & Thursday | 9am – 4pm

Urologist: Wednesday & Saturday 12noon – 4pm

Dietician: Tuesday & Friday | 10am – 3pm

Physiotherapist: Monday – Thursday | 10am – 3pm

Opthamologist/Eye Clinic: Monday – Saturday | 8am – 5pm

Sonologist: Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday | 9am – 4pm

* Consultant Endocrinologist, Cardiologist and Heamatologist are available on appointment

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