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    benefits of annual health checkup

    Are health checkups necessary?

    Are health checkups necessary?

    A healthcare professional should not just attend to you when you are unwell or experiencing symptoms. An annual physical examination may inform you of the state of your health, its trajectory, and how it should be regularly!

    A yearly health check-up prepares you for anything that might come up soon and reviews health changes that you may not notice in your day-to-day life.

    A Mother and Child health and wellness plan offers you a multitude of benefits:

    Preventive health: Preventative health centers on knowing where you stand with your health to plan follow-up action for your wellness. A physical examination done annually factors in things you may not regularly check. With preventive health, your physician cares for you before an issue becomes challenging to tackle.

    Maintaining Immunizations: The ideal time to bring this up with your doctor is at your yearly physical if you’re behind or want to learn more about the options.

    Lifestyle Knowledge:  Your lifestyle appears relatively easy to understand. Even if you believe that you “know yourself inside and out,” it is still essential for your physical and emotional health to discuss your lifestyle with a healthcare provider. Let’s say your stress levels are rising without any apparent physical symptoms. In such a situation, external circumstances such as work and obligations, daily schedule, child care, sleep schedule and eating patterns may impact your health.

    Assessing Your Current Medications: Patients occasionally take medications with the understanding that it won’t be a long-term solution for them. For instance, some individuals use birth control, depression, or anxiety medications to determine later on whether they still need them. However, it’s crucial to understand when, how, and whether you should stop taking medicine altogether.

    Generally, an annual physical exam helps you and the medical team, assess your health whether or not you are experiencing symptoms. It points to areas that need attention to prevent major medical emergencies or manage health conditions such as stroke.


    1. Basic Plan: Physical Blood Pressure Check, BMI, Weight check, Blood count, Blood group, Genotype, Urinalysis, Retroviral screening (HIV), Microscopy, Glucose test, ESR test, DRE test (male), physician review (to explain the results and share follow-up recommendations for your health and wellness). This package costs N40,000.

    2. Standard Plan: All Basic Plan: Urine Microalbumin, Hepatitis B & C, Screening, Thyroid function test, Chest X-ray. This package costs N60,000 for males and N70,000 for females.

    3. Standard Plus Plan: All Standard Plan, ECG, Pap Smear (female), Breast Scan (female), Stool Occult Blood, H. Pylori Test, Renal Function test (electrolyte, urea, creatine, EGFR HBA1C, PSA(male), Glaucoma Profile Test. This package costs N85,000 for males and N100,000 for females.

    4. Supreme Plan: All Standard Plus Plan, Prostate Scan (male), Carcinoembryonic Antigens, Liver function test, Lipid profile. This package costs N160,000.

    You can walk into Mother and Child Omole or Adeniyi Jones Monday – Friday, 9 am – 2 pm, for a health and wellness check. You can also call: +2347036202190 (Omole) or +23470683729787 (Adeniyi Jones) for enquiries or booking.