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    What is Emergency Care?

    Emergency Care, also known as First Aid, is simple, effective management or care given to a casualty of injury or sudden illness until they can access more advanced care. It is also immediate care by a first respondent when a person is injured or ill until complete medical treatment is available.

    The aims of Emergency Care/ First Aid are:

    • To preserve life
    • To protect the unconscious casualty
    • To prevent further injury or pain
    • To promote recovery.

     5 Types of Basic First Aid:

    1. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) professionals can assist a cardiac arrest victim to regain breathing. CPR involves making sure the person’s airway is clear before maintaining blood circulation by employing rescue breathing and chest compressions.

    2. Bleeding: To avoid excessive blood loss, stopping a cut from bleeding is essential. In addition, knowing the type of bleeding will help you gauge its intensity and determine when the patient needs medical assistance.

    3. Burns: To treat a burn, you must first eliminate the cause—heat, a chemical, or electricity—and then thoroughly cool the injured area with running water.

    4. Choking: A blockage cutting off a person’s airway might render them unconscious or cause death. It’s critical to know when someone is choking and requires assistance.

    5. Broken Bones: to avoid further harm, you should treat any injury to a hand, foot, or limb like a broken bone.

    5 Basic Steps to First Aid Treatment:
    1. Danger: Always ensure the area is secure before going near a victim.
    2. Response: Verify the victim’s level of responsiveness.
    3. Airway: Next, make sure the airway is open and unobstructed.
    4. Breathing: Now, you must determine whether the victim is breathing regularly.
    5. Circulation

    A number of situations may warrant urgent move of a patient to a hospital facility including symptoms of stroke, Hemorrhage, danger sign in pregnancy or an accident situation (domestic or otherwise).

    Call 07036202190 (Omole) or 070683729787 (Adeniyi Jones) for emergency response as required within Lagos. Our ambulance service is topnotch as the vehicle carries necessary emergency instruments, including a mobile ventilator, monitor, defibrillators and regular oxygen supply to help patients. In addition, the paramedics are prepared to respond to emergencies and move patients.

    Our facility has up-to-par adult and neonatal intensive care units and qualified professionals to treat patients admitted to our hospital.

    Mother and Child Hospitals does not discriminate while delivering healthcare services. We are:
    • A team of compassionate doctors and specialist consultants.
    • A committed medical hospital in Nigeria.
    • Operating from two locations in Ikeja and Omole, Lagos State.
    • Invested in offering world-class service.